Low Budget Traveler in Europe

My Life in Europe

Of course I’m not a full-time traveler. I am a full-time student, part-time traveller 😉 And scholarship paid for my study also, so i have to use the money wisely.

All i have to do is become a low-budget traveler, use a relatively small amount of money to travel to as many countries as I can, since I will be in Europe for only 2 years. I don’t know yet when will I come back here, and I also don;t know if I can travel freely like the first year, since second year is all about thesis.

So, first thing to do when I want to go travelling is set the date, of course. I usually look into the school schedule, is there any holiday this semester, any long weekend? or a very long holiday like winter break (2 weeks of holiday), semester break ( 9 days of holiday), easter…

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