(Almost) missed a flight

Pada akhir bulan Agustus yang lalu saya berkesempatan untuk menghadiri pernikahan salah seorang rekan kerja di Malang. Karena belum pernah ke sana sebelumnya, saya mengajak anak dan istri sekalian untuk refreshing sejenak. You know, after we have a child, mostly our activities are taking care of our son, it’s our routine every weekend beside going to hospital. And it was my son’s first flight in his life, so excited and anxious in the same time.

We were departed from Halim Perdanakusuma (HLP) and arrived in Malang about 1.10 hours. Actually, we only spent our time mostly in the hotel. Malang has numerous culinary spots and cheaper than Jakarta. ☺

After I went to the wedding party in the next day, it was the time to went back to Jakarta. We packed our stuff on that night. In the next morning, we had some problem with our son that we didn’t prepared the night before and we didn’t allocate for emergency and we was panic because the flight will be departed on 1.30 hours to go! 😑

We ordered online taxi and the driver said we need 2 hours to the airport, but I said i checked on Google maps it only 30 minutes. Eventually, we arrived 30 minutes before the flight, but fortunately we’ve got proceed to the plane. We were the last passengers! 😫

Alhamdulillah we arrived safely in HLP and enjoy that weekend so much. 😁

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