Pelajaran berharga dari buku “The Richest Man in Babylon”

Hi, e-readers! how are you doing in the beginning of 2020? Semoga dalam kondisi yang sedang semangat membara ya. I congratulate a happy new years to all of you guys! (telat banget haha…) As per my promised to re-tell about book review, in this opportunity i will write down lessons learnt from the book ofContinue reading “Pelajaran berharga dari buku “The Richest Man in Babylon””

New topic about “Book review”.

Hi e-readers, how are you doing? I hope you are doing a great day because it’s loooongg year end holiday! 🙌🏻 On this opportunity I would like to inform that I will have another topic in this blog. It is a “book review” 😄 In some research, Indonesia has a “runner up” ranks for readingContinue reading “New topic about “Book review”.”